Uncovering Your Passion

Aug 10 2020 | 3 Min Read


How many motivational sessions have you been to where the host talked about following your heart, discovering your destiny, seizing your moment, making your dream come true, and et cetera. These descriptions take up room in one common word passion. Anyone can motivate you to search for your passion, find it, grab it tightly, and make it come true. Do they show you the path of how to do so? Or where to start? Or even what to start with? Or maybe it is about creating a passion for your own instead of waiting for one to get discovered.

Numerous motivational books have been published previously about chasing your dream, and many such movies have won international awards. But philosophies about hunting your destiny sounds good in books and on screen. Because when it comes to practical life, it is not always easy to live by those words. 'The Alchemist,' an international bestseller by Paulo Coelho, is a great book to inspire youth to pursue a dream, but the question still stands tall how they will make this great discovery happen. "Is it going to be like the magic in Ali Baba and 40 Thieves?" 

This enigma can be solved when you challenge the assumption that passion is fixed and needs to be discovered. Some people have an inborn passion and love for something, and it can be arts, sports, or anything likewise. These people enjoy practicing a particular thing and are more likely to opt for it as their profession. While there is another group of people, let's call them the clueless, for a while, they might be good at many things but perfect at none: like a jack of all trades. And most people fall into this category. They have hobbies that they exercise, but it is still ambiguous what they want to become. Such people are more likely to succeed because they later create their own passion-based on their needs and what they care for, not only what they love doing—the circumstances do not always allow people to be there where they wanted to see themselves. Therefore, even if you love performing one particular thing, you should keep a second choice. So that when your first choice fails, you don't break up and follow the second plan. There should be flexibility among your choices; if one proves to be a drop out the other can work out.

Destiny cannot be followed or created blindly. It would be best if you put some effort into uncovering your talents and skills. You should have a blueprint to follow. Just like a cook follows a recipe, you can follow that road map to reach the end in your mind. Countries have constitutions to run, and you can at least write a personal statement for yourself to write about the things you would love to accomplish. It can also be like writing letters to your future self, imagining what you have become. It can be as small as planning how you will spend your day tomorrow to as big as the salary you wish to earn from your first job. All these implementations will make you sure of your strengths, and the most important thing it will do is open your eyes to what matters to you. This step-by-step guide will bring your passion into reach, and you can easily create one.

Such magic as destiny getting discovered does not usually happen. You already have your talents and hobbies. Michelangelo was asked after carving a beautiful sculpture about how he was able to do it. He replied that the sculpture was already in the granite block from the very beginning; he just had to chisel off everything else around it. Likewise, you only need to organize your talents and priorities your needs. Apart from that, every ingredient is already present within you.

Aleena Abbas

Content writing is something new to me that I have developed over the last few months. This is my first experience as an academic writer. Before the birth of this sudden interest, I was the kind of person writing a diary and personal statements. I have a grip on descriptive writing, therefore, I can write stories very well.

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