Now and Then

Mar 05 2021 | 0 Min Read


I don't know what to do 

I don't know what to pursue 

Swaying moods and disparaging wiles 

Torments the labyrinthine soul when compiles 

Perplexed between now and then

Don't know what happens when 

Like spring blooms to enchanting Autumn 

The scorching sun of summer to the winter snow

My Bourne swings to crow

Chrono-phobic nor future obsessed 

No one's there to address 

Whatever happens by then

Despair, bliss, torment, detest and repent

Alas! I will be circumvent

Help me! Ponder! Find me! Heart says

Medico, Archon, autonomous are the ways

I wish I were an ambidextrous archer

Which could stop this future torcher!

Zehnish Karim

Writing is what appeals me often. It brings in me an inner solace. The habit of writing is innate, but I am still trying to make it even more better. Poetry, creative writing and Content Writing is what I am more passionate about. In past few months my two articles are published too.

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