Top Ten Things Women Love about Men

May 23 2021  ·  3 min read

It is not hearsay that women are different from men. As much as women always complain about how they hate men so much and why they cannot understand their passion for sports, they also have about a thousand things they like about men. Here are the Top Ten Things Women Love About Men.

  1. Appearance

    Most women are dreaming about being with handsome men; it is different when they are looking for serious relationships. Well, look does matter but it does not necessarily mean that you have to be a drop-dead-gorgeous kind of man. Many women prefer to have an average-looking man so that not many women will find her man attractive so that he can be all hers.

  2. Sense of Humor

    If you think you are not good-looking enough to get the woman of your dreams, you can always spill out your best jokes and punch lines to make her laugh. Women love men who are not dull and can make them happy every time they feel down. Women take less than a couple of minutes to discern if a man possesses a good sense of humor while having a dialogue with him. And that is all you need as a man to impress women.

  3. Love

    Women like loving and caring men. So love your woman more than any other thing in the world. Show your love to her every time. Become adore itself and when dealing with any problem asks yourself how love would act under these circumstances.

  4. Respectful behavior

    Be respectful towards others when they deserve your respect. All decent women like a decorous and kind man who does not treat others faultily just because he has the ability. Treat everyone with respect, and you will be treated with respect as well.

  5. Faithful

    Women are regularly on a trip of finding love. And when they do, they stay loyal to the relationship. That is the reason they are expecting the same loyalty and faithfulness from men as well.

  6. Gratitude

    That may sound pathetic and repulsive. But it matters most! Women do wait for men to show their appreciation and compliments. So give your women compliments more often, give them a chance to feel beautiful and desirable.

  7. Confidence

    A confident man is more attractive to women because he believes in his abilities, and he doesn't tuck his tail when he knows he is right. Being assured means, you are a real man, and you can be trusted. When you believe yourself, women will entrust themselves to you. Confidence is indeed a great trait to have for any man. It is an inner vigor that can be seen and envied by any woman you meet.

  8. Financially Stable

    Yes, money matters! It is better to face the truth than feigning like money doesn’t matter. You like a sexy woman over a nasty woman. A woman likes a wealthy man over a church mouse. Being rich and drive a big car and you will have an enormous advantage. Just a word though, all is done! Hmm No, it is only a plus, but it is not as much as necessary. Although that does not mean you have to be filthy rich, as long you can support yourself and your family-to-be that is more than enough for a decent woman.

  9. Romantic

    Women usually love men who give gifts out of the blue. Or plan unique dates and at the same time romantic. Being passionate is always an advantage point when you are trying to get lucky with a woman. A poem, a rose, chocolate, or ice cream can melt her heart away.

  10. Goal

    Lastly, “Goal” is one of the precious things women love about a man. They value goal-oriented men. It is not required to have lots of money and a great car now, but it is necessary to strive for it. Women like independent and self-fulfilled men.



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Top Ten Things Women Love about Men

Top Ten Things Women Love about Men

It is not hearsay that women are different from men. As much as women always complain about how they hate men so much and why they cannot understand their passion for