PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)

Aug 20th 2020 | 3 Min Read


In an unknown battlefield, you are a solitary devoted warrior with 100 anonymous opponents. You jump off the plane empty-handed, and in next to no time, you run towards weapons and armaments. Your endurance is in danger therefore you need to fight against enemies within a limited circular area. Fascinatingly, every single persona is in opposition to you and each other, too; they are battling among themselves and also are eager to defeat you. You can enter the terrific battlefield with a companion or in a squad of four warriors; you can either choose your partner(s) or go in with someone unfamiliar. You have to struggle; you slay your foe, you fight

back for your safety, or sometimes you escape for your survival. You are merely a soldier in the hands of enemies.

Interestingly, While scrimmaging, you can speak to your partner(s) and opponents. You can facilitate your battle colleague(s), and your combined efforts require mutual collaboration. With the passing time, the combat zone shrinks and gets more complicated and intricate. Either fight within the battle zone or you are dead! You must make out the opponent’s match and play divergently to theirs.

The foremost question addresses the motive behind the popularity of the game. The game-play of a player is how they set up their buttons in the game, and every competitor has his playing style. Let’s take an example of Football; Ronaldo has a unique approach to playing football that makes his game-play extraordinary. The same goes with PUBG, every PUBG player has his unique setting in the game, and they set up the game according to their finger movements. This feature makes PUBG so trendy.

In a mysterious arena, you have to exchange blows for your life, BUT have you ever fought an intellectually psychological war? Have you ever punched someone hard in their face without touching them? Have you triumphed in a battle without the existent weaponry and arms? You might think it is weird? As it sounds strange, it is out of the ordinary.

The warrior is make-believe, the theatre of war does not exist in the true-life, and the enemies are fictional! Yet you wrestle, you fight back, and your hard work decides your destiny. The rational linkage between you to a fictional war is a display (liquid crystal display)! One hundred people from around the globe commence all together and stay functional on their PC or mobile screens playing PUBG (players’ unknown battlefield grounds). You can talk to your partners or opponents the same as one to one person conversation. You have a map of the battleground, and gradually the map constricts, and you need to save yourself from dying out (dying is meant as getting defeated). 

You need to be mindful, alert, and conscious about the circumstances going around. It’s a 3-dimensional game that engages you entirely within its system and builds the craze for triumph. The game techniques and usage of tools are designed in a way that the human mind believes it as an existent fight. The game grabs your attention, and your psyche flatteringly to your account does not go for something else. As we stay in touch with other people (players) through conversing, we find the game genuine and enjoy playing. 

The visualization of the game is exceptionally influential in that you think of yourself in a real battleground and fight as reality. The most intriguing point is, you encounter clashes, and you defend yourself and starve for a victory celebrated as CHICKEN DINNER! And the chicken dinner is too imaginary!

PUBG is an online game that influences human psychology and emotions greatly. The affection of the player and the game is impressively influential. Every day, millions of people crave PUBG and just love playing it. Most people feel emotional attachment that a win and loss affect their mind and mood.

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