Live forever young

August 13 2021  ·  1 min read

I am happy, sorrows apart

Torn to pieces like no other

Like a flower blossom to

The dark that shadows

I tried to live young

The anguish that cant be seen

Seems to kill the lively being

The sweetness of grief

And the sourness of bliss

Turns wounds to wonder

A life hovered by  thorns

Strange hate undefinable 

A smarty love unregrettable

I wonder how?

I turned old in my teen

No matter how it happened 

Let's live forever young

For the subtle art of life still flows 

                                                             ~Zehnish Karim~                                                              

Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

Did you ever ponder how life becomes fascinating after writing! Pouring your emotions, struggling with the characters, and giving opinions_ something captivating right! So that is what I do! I am an ordinary person who started writing her daily diary and eventually started writing poetry! Let's share some joy and creativity together!

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