Gender stereotyping can destroy a woman’s identity.

August 19 2021  ·  2 min read

Ladkiyan ghar may hi achi lagti hay

Ladkiyan khel nahi sakti

Ladkiyon ko dheemi awaz may bolna chahiye

Ladkiyan nazuk hoti hay  

Ladkiyan bholi hoti hay

Ladyikon ko medical may jana chahiye

If you're a female, you've probably heard some of these comments. These are the kinds of remarks that every single woman, regardless of her age, gender, or color, receives on a daily basis.  Gender stereotyping is one of the major ways through which our society has always tried to suppress and limit a woman's potential.

Gender stereotyping begins at home

Parents have always played a significant part in gender stereotyping; they raise their daughters as feminine and their sons as masculine in every single way.

Parents always prefer their daughters to stay at home and do home chores while at the same time they encourage their sons to go out and play sports.

This type of gender stereotyping has always been a major roadblock in the lives of women in our society. From the minute they are born, they are subjected to these overgeneralized gender attitudes and preconceptions, which then continue throughout their lives. It limits their ability to develop personal skills, makes it difficult for them to pursue their professional careers, and makes them unsure of their own self-identity. It is also a major contributing factor to the violation of female rights since, it undermines their right to marry, their right to education, their right to health, their freedom to speak in public, and their right to have consent in all matters.

Ways to overcome gender stereotypes

We all need to work towards removing these gender stereotyping from our society, in order to give women all the rights and freedom they deserve. For this, we all need to start from the grass root level and do our best to avoid stereotyping.

The following tips can help us avoid Gender stereotyping:


1 Respect every female as an individual

 We should treat every woman as an individual rather than a part of the whole gender. We should refrain from making broad generalizations about them based on their gender. This will help them think and act out of the box and will help them make decisions about themselves and their life based on their individual characteristics.

2 Appreciate the diversity

We know that every individual is unique and different, thus we can’t judge a woman for being different from the other members of her gender. We should learn to respect the diversity among them and avoid comparing them to one another.

3 Learn skills related to your interests

If you are a woman, that does not mean you should stay at home and learn skills like cooking, sweeping, or sewing, these are the skills that your society has associated with your gender. You should not limit yourself to the capabilities that others have allocated to you; instead, you should do and master skills that you are interested in.

4 Raise awareness 

Women in male-dominated environments can play an important role in raising awareness. In order to promote gender equality and combat gender stereotypes, they should educate and aware people in their community about the causes and effects of negative stereotyping and its long-term effects on individuals.

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