Freelancing: Writing Gigs and Bidding in Freelance Market

August 26 2021  ·  5 min read

The idea of making money inspires those of you, who want to be financially independent. But how could you utilize all your enthusiasm in real work and start earning? It is not as simple as the magic in Ali Baba and 40 Thieves. There is no magic door to spell open. The idea of a part-time job, working as a dishwasher or a Librarian is not common in East (Pakistan). People are not usually willing to hire a teenage librarian. And all the traditional moms would tell you to rather focus on studies. However, freelancing can become your Genie granting your wish to make gold bars, if not chocolate bars, you will only have to bust your ass in the beginning.


Who does not want to be their own boss, have no timetable to follow, yet earn? Youth today likes to stay up all night and wake up when it is noon. If you count yourself in, do not stay just scrolling Facebook pages and stalking people on Instagram. Make being a night owl worth earning because the traditional model of working from 9 am to 5 pm is changing due to the dynamics of jobs.

Freelancing is self-employment where you can work from your table at home. Wearing any hilarious outfit you want. It does not matter if you have washed your face or are just done dreaming. You are only accountable to the employer you are working for. You are required to deliver the service to the employer on promised delivery date and get paid for it.

Freelancing is becoming the world’s largest job market. This quote by Jack Maa of Alibaba elucidates it well “in the next twenty years people will work only four hours a day and most of them will be self-employed.” And you can grab your share of the pie only by offering your service in the freelance market. If you have a skill put in some effort and polish it later to offer it as your service. If you already have a job you do not need to quit it, simply give some time to freelancing after your day job. Due to the flexibility of timing in freelancing you can do it anytime that you prefer.

Types of Freelance Markets

Traditional Freelance MarketUpwork, Guru, and Freelancer are the prominent traditional freelance places. A traditional market is a place where employer posts projects and a freelancer bids on them according to their skill set. The employer opens a private message board with the freelancer/s he thinks are capable of doing his work accordingly. And then he rewards the project to the one he thinks is worthy of it. And finally when all the milestones are covered freelancer gets paid.

  • Nontraditional Freelance Market

Fiverr is one of the biggest nontraditional freelance places. Instead of the employer, it is a freelancer who offers their services in form of gigs. Freelancer does not have to bid on projects. Instead, an employer purchases a gig. The money for the project stays in the Escrow and payment is done after the project is completely delivered to the employer. 

Bidding on Projects

Every word that a freelancer writes counts a great deal in their freelance career. Whether it be their bio or requesting for a project. Bidding is the way one requests an employer for a project in the traditional freelance market. 

A bid is started with simple greetings. You give a brief summary of the client’s project, but totally copy-pasting the client’s project is not appropriate. A simple introduction of yourself is added, which includes; your skills, the industries you have worked with, and similar work experience. And then you present your portfolio to build trust with the employer. The employer will check your portfolio and if it is appealing enough you will be granted the project.

There is a difference between the time zone of countries located in the East and West. Therefore, an ideal time to bid could be between 8 pm to 2 am. While bidding does not bid on projects posted 10 hours ago, responses in the first 15 minutes of the project post are essential. It increases the chances of the project being awarded to you. As well as on the projects with 20 plus bids already, it is more likely that the project has been awarded to someone.

In your bid, you can include offers, which could convince the employer to start a personal message board (PMB) with you. Your offer could include a free mock, any question correlating to similar work in the past, or any video creation. 

Writing a Gig

Gig rules in the nontraditional freelance market in the vein of bidding in the traditional market. The gig is homogeneous to giving a purchase offer. The package of gig contains all your services, service charges, service images, videos, descriptions, extra offers, and your profile.

You fabricate your gig with easily searchable keywords. Keywords have a significant impact on your service. If you optimize few keywords and use them in your gig title, search brings your gig on top of the results. The description of your gig should also contain keywords in density but be cautious and no overdo them. Exercising seed keywords, which the website uses itself can draw attention to your gig more easily. The carbon copy works for tags as well. Research and discern which tags are populated around and employ the same in your gig.

At the End of the day

When you go for groceries to a store, you would leave empty-handed if you do not find the required item right? You will not purchase products because the shelf is bare. Your portfolio is the shelf where you offer your service as your product. Therefore make a diversified portfolio, which could include few samples from each niche of your skill. You can also offer some free services in the beginning to get feedback on your profile.

Freelancing requires command of skill and some smart work. Apply the magic tricks up the sleeves and earn your share.

Aleena Abbas

Aleena Abbas

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