Standing out as a beginner and in Freelance Market and attracting your first client

September 02 2021  ·  4 min read

Why you are always told to think out of the box? Why are you attracted to objects and ideas which are distinctive? Because your differences are your strengths and they make you stand out among the crowd. The freelance market is packed like the audience hall of some mighty potentate. You can find experts, intermediates, beginners, and freelancers with different star ratings. The statistics of the freelance market can talk you into thinking that who will trust you as a beginner and grant you projects to do. Observing the top-rated profiles can bring you around questioning yourself that how could you attract your first client when your feedback section is all clear and the amount earned is zero? However, you can look for what other freelancers are doing and actually use it to figure out the system of freelance markets. 

Attracting Your First Client

Let’s not beat around the bush and take it straight to the crux point. Freelancing is a synonym of compromise at times for a beginner. It does not mean to compromise on your value proposition, but you will have to invest some effort towards your goal. When your bid does not attract any response check your offer. As a beginner do not keep the pricing too high. You can also offer some projects for free. Give discounts and seasonal offers like on Christmas days and other events. 

It sounds like a hard bargain, but it is the best you can do to attract the first client. It is just like proving to an employer that you are an excellent service provider even at half price because you love your work. 

What Sets You A Part as a Freelancer

  • Strength of your skill

The level of your skill determines the chances of your survival in the freelance marketplace. As a beginner, it will not be possible to beat those with freelance experience of years, but you can invest in polishing your skill through practicing it more. Getting experience will simultaneously increase your chances of survival in the market among other freelancers. Only the ones best adjusted to the environment survive.

  • Communication skills in play

Your communication skills factor in significantly to complete your aim of earning money and becoming financially independent. Meanwhile, bad communication skills lead to misunderstandings, strong communication skills help you to sell out your service. Instead of rambling around, concisely conveying your message without filter words will result in getting a project easily.

  • Speed of your response matters

An employer can get impressed by your project offer or bid and contact you through the personal message board. And when this happens it is very important to reply to the employer immediately. Because if you do not do that the employer can contact someone else. Whichever freelance market you are working on keep its mobile application on your phones. You will be notified as soon as you receive a message. Moreover, check your Emails regularly for any messages. And in a situation where you cannot reply to the client properly, leave a brief response telling them to get back to them soon.

  • Depiction of professional behavior 

When you are doing freelancing your employer is 5 oceans away and you cannot convince him on a one-to-one meeting. But you have the facility of video chatting, giving straight responses, and expressing serious behavior. Be accountable to yourself as well as from the employer’s point of view. Set a milestone and get it done in the time in the allocated time. The employer is trusting you with his project and also pays you in return. Therefore, avoid missing deadlines and deliver the work at a decided time.

Next, when you once set down to work do not give your attention to your phone and unnecessary social media. Only take business-related calls. Keep a positive attitude towards the work you are putting your effort in and manage time. Your positive behavior also gives the employer the comfort that his project will be done on time.

  • Selling yourself

The presentation of an object decides if it is worthy of spending money on or not. Your skill is presented through your profile: in the description, in your portfolio, the services you are offering, and the experiences of similar work. 

A more innovative way to demonstrate your skill is having a personal website where you can talk about yourself, give access to your portfolio by including different links and provide your contact information and contractor’s form to customers. Some sites to market your service are Google+, Pinterest, Facebook pages, Quora and YouTube.

At the End of the Day

Aleena Abbas

Aleena Abbas

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