Travelling in a Crowded University Point: Students' Life

September 04 2021  ·  5 min read

My heart goes out to all of you who have to take the jam-packed university point. All the public buses are crowded, but there should be sympathy cards for those taking the crowded shuttle to their universities in the morning. Before even the class lectures could do any harm, the shuttles flooded with people, leave you exhausted. And it is an early morning gift on discount if you are among the standing population: trying not to land on somebody’s lap accidentally.

The Butt Face When You Wake up.

It is universal how you all are phobic to waking up early. Maybe all students should try reading ‘5 am Club’ by Robin Sharma to create affinity for getting up early, anyways it is another debate.

Alarm clocks become the most valuable assets when your semester starts and if unfortunately you are enrolled in an 8:30 morning slot. To the buzzing of the alarm clock, you finally come to life again and the thought of having hot steaming tea/coffee impels you to wash that butt face of yours. And the later phase includes only running: from bed to bathroom, to kitchen, then to catch up your point.

That 'Black Day' When You Miss Your Shuttle.

It is a day of mourning and taking a ‘rickshaw’ ride when the bus leaves a second early. You run the race all the way to the bus stand and encounter that ugly moment of witnessing the gas fumes of your shuttle disappearing from your sight. May God forbid this moment (Ameen).

Taking a rickshaw is effective only when your campus is 5 or 10 minutes away. Or else you will have to bear the consequences yourself: your hair will be a mess, no traces of makeup, you will doubt if you ironed your clothes, and your intestines will be protesting against you.

Should the Shuttle Leave a Minute Late Then?

If shuttle leaving a minute early is a ‘Black Day’ then the shuttle leaving a minute late is not bliss too. You might not miss the bus, but still, you cannot escape uninjured. You might look more composed traveling in your point than in a rickshaw, but you will have to bear that walk of shame into the class when the teacher goes silent in the lecture hall.

When You Do Not Get The Desired Seat or a Seat at All.

Everyone has to suffer that one day when they do not get the window seat. The window seat is of significant value when it comes to cities with unbearable, searing heat. Claustrophobics are advised to take private transport in such situations or else they cannot survive the pin-packed shuttles. By the window seat, a beaten to death student makes all the possible fantasies after a rough-tough day. Apart from daydreaming, the window seat provides some hot air from outside the bus. And it helps you not to nauseate when all the perfumes add up and you are about to throw up.

Well, having a seat at all in a crowded bus is saving grace. Imagine you are wearing heels and they slow you down after the class, you catch the bus, but unfortunately, are not able to get a seat. What a horrible imagination. But it happens with girls for real. And then crowded shuttle becomes the only place where sitting in your friend’s lap could be socially acceptable. If you are shy enough and have some energy left to stand on your feet then all the way you would be annoying God praying not to make you fall when the driver decides to break.

People and Sleepy People Around You in the Crowded Shuttle

You will witness all sorts of people around you in the university point. The sleepy ones, the standing population, the singing birds, the ones in relationships, and the ones who love to gossip. The ones who love to talk always find a way to turn their head and find someone to talk to. You might have to share the seat with one someday. And if you are that introverted kind of person who does not like interacting with strangers, you might wish to erode to your skeleton.

The standing population, where it is trouble balancing themselves, creates trouble for the ones sitting behind them in the crowded bus. With their bags, they kick the person’s face each time the bus decides to jump a bit. Their bags keep kicking people till the ride ends as if making up for some rivalry with the person in the past.

Getting a seat in your university point is a harder task than speaking up in class even if it feels like ‘Mout’ to you. At times your eyes may catch a seat, but only to figure out later that it has been reserved for someone’s girlfriend. If you are a girl you might even get the reserved seat but nobody is this generous towards a boy.

The sleeping beauties complete their beauty sleep in the shuttle. Their heads move with the bus like a boat swaying from side to side in the water. With each jump, they wake up like a vampire waking up to a garlic clove.

At The End of The Day

Taking the crowded university point is a task early in the morning. And finding a seat is even harder. You will experience all sorts of weird things happening to you. In addition, you will experience being socially awkward in a jam-packed shuttle. Some day you might be lucky enough to find a seat, later to notice that you are the only girl sitting among boys. However, in a semester or two, you will learn to fight for a seat.

Aleena Abbas

Aleena Abbas

Hii there! I love to sketch and paint, and I am clueless about how I ended up with pen and paper on my Gap Year. It was just dumb luck that I figured out I can arrange words into sentences. I am warning you I can be boring because I don't use references from big-name seasons on the go. As well as sarcasm is not my thing. However, I can wake up when it's 2 in the morning, make coffee, and write dairy. Welcome to my territory, it's me :')

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