The art of procrastination

September 10 2021  ·  5 min read

She had not really been studying the whole semester, and the day before finals, she realized she needed to pass. The night beforeshe chugs a liter of coffee and eats a bar of chocolate.

Waking up long enough to study was the idea, but the caffeine was way too much and resulted in being both powerless to study and unable to sleep. She couldn't fall asleep and was too hyped on caffeine resulting in feeling lethargic, getting no sleep, and eventually walking into the test unprepared.

Her guts get shaken and regrets underestimating the waves of the exam. She never remember how she had gone through but her nerves terribly felt.

Probably this is my story and might be a reader reading this would be dancing off the joy, count him or her among the star procrastinators of the galaxy and might be proactive that they are so surprised to see procrastinators like us but it never bothers.

If you've ever missed an important task, you know it's unfair to call yourself lazy. Procrastination is an art and one that is easy to practice and perfect. A procrastinator is one who delays the work and piles up the task to do. As a famous proverb, “procrastination is the thief of time”. The secret of success is in being punctual. We cannot afford to waste time by being caught in the habit of procrastination.

Many of us put things off in one way or another. We used to postpone things and decide to do it tomorrow, but that never happens. We don't take things too seriously, but there are few things in life that teach us hard lessons that we regret not taking action on timeso before life teaches you a lesson, take action.

Being a procrastinator it is so hard to put forward yourself to accomplish priorities on time but it’s not impossible at all. As Will Smith said, "The first step is to say what you can." So we shouldn’t be beating the dead horse instead of leaning over what is most important. Probably it wouldn’t be wrong in, saying being slow-footed pushes you backward in every aspect which cannot be seen with closed eyes. Widening my thoughts for a better solution, to get rid of daily procrastination we must go through ways that bring us the courage to do everything proactively. Here are some elements that I believe will help you against procrastination.


Realize and acknowledge that you just are a procrastinator. If you're honest with yourself, presumably you'd apprehend deep in your heart that you tend to procrastinate. You ought to recognize and know your priorities and dedicate yourself to the foremost important tasks rather than the lighter ones. However, always think that you can do better, and try to do what you are interested in, and develop the art of saying "no" to what you cannot. Once you do the things that you like there will be no matter of procrastinating and everything else remains highly productive.


Interest plays a vital role in motivation to do a certain task. Lack of curiosity can result in procrastination. I still quit reading because I find myself getting enough bored and no more involved. When you know why you stopped doing something, you can learn to change your attitude


If you procrastinate simply due to the fact you don’t experience doing a positive assignment and can’t delegate, then seems for approaches to encourage yourself so that you can accomplish the task. Here are a few approaches which could assist encourage you:

  • Promise to deal with yourself whilst you end running at the mission like happening a vacation, shopping for something for yourself, or relaxing.
  • Ask a companion or a member of the family to inspire you if you begin slacking.
  • Remind yourself of the effects you'll stumble upon if you don’t end the specified mission.
  • Jog your memory of the long-time blessings you'll benefit from doing the required task on time.

Take baby steps

If you are putting things off until later, start taking small steps towards achieving your goal. For example, if your goal is to write an article, but you think you don’t have time for it, then spend few minutes a day on your writing. Taking small steps avoids work for long periods, which is one of the main reasons people procrastinate. 

Time management

Time management and procrastination are related - effective time management can help you manage your workload, increase productivity, and boost your self-confidence. As a result, you are less likely to procrastinate and enjoy a healthy balance between study and other activities.

Remove distraction

Whether you’re studying at home or doing anything, you know you are surrounded by specific distractions and that's one of the predominant motives humans procrastinate. Your social media accounts, your phone and might be your pending movie or that trending season on Netflix gets you butterflies in your stomach. The working environment plays a vital role in productivity. So avoiding distractions can help to do better.


Focus is a fundamental facet. Many human beings begin leaping from one thing to some other and after a while, they locate that they've now no longer completed a lot. Whereas, focus on one factor till you end can make it easy to complete a task on time. 


The greatest thing that ever motivated me is to think about how old I am and how much time I have left, and then I realize that it's too late and I don't have time.  Things not done in time are rarely done right. Being a procrastinator I realize we must do our duties at the right hours. ‘Strike while the iron is hot', goes the well-known saying. Time once lost is lost forever. 

Jiya Salman

Jiya Salman

Hey there! Writing is so much fun and freedom. I am that pretty person who tapped into that incredible kind of creativity, it's an extremely pleasurable experience to shaping ideas, emotions, and feelings without restrictions. I have already found writing a way to express myself in ways I may not be comfortable doing anything. Here, you can see the sparkle in my writing and I assure you to take into a magical flow.

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The art of procrastination

The art of procrastination

This article is about procrastination. The majority of people have this habit of delaying work that results in dragging them back and make them unable to achieve their goals. After reading my article you would probably find a way to overcome procrastination.