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September 26 2021  ·  5 min read

 We often ponder how to combat the obstacles life brings to us. In a world where we live most of our problems associate a so-called paper that without prints of the government and multiple pictures on it could not be accepted. The majority of the masses around either try to make more money or save them and make more out of it. Therefore, whoever makes money firstly thinks of saving them or investing them and managing them in a way that could benefit them. Personal financing is a concept that shares the same agenda. It’s the financial management of the money we have. It's anything but an embellishment to say that cash is perhaps the main part of carrying on with life. Many individuals spend the sum of their lives requiring cash, preparing to get more cash flow, or fixing things such that they can manage the cost of the entirety of life's many costs. All things considered, one can't reject that the advanced day's various costs call for individual financing and the board for nearly everybody, except particularly understudies. It’s an obvious fact that numerous undergrads battle with their funds, and keeping in mind that this situation can be fairly credited to the increasing expense of an advanced degree. 

Cash! just a paper or worth something??

Cash is something especially important and needed for endurance. It’s one piece of paper as well as it holds some worth, a worth that must be perceived by each person. Money is "a proportion of significant worth, mode of trade and method for installment comprising of notes, coins and paperless installment frameworks like savvy cards." Cash holds such a lot that we even neglect to expect. It holds power, capacity to make the desire, control, avarice, and so forth. By the time we start lavishing our cash, we might fail to remember our cutoff points yet we had the opportunity to design first and be reasonable before we simply give our cash to something similarly on a par with a piece. The day we begin earning then perhaps we may end up being acceptable savers. 

Save Money! Save lives

Saving money as insurance or in banks could turn out to be a fortune teller. Who knows what we save today could be treasure tomorrow. Whatever we save today could save our lives in despondency. It is healthy to save, as emergencies never accompany alerts. There is a group existing with an idea that we have one life so why reconsider, however, well this doesn't remain constant in the event of cash. We generally should reconsider spending it. It's not tied in with limiting ourselves from living happily but rather focusing on the necessities. The set-aside cash might end up helping us some time or another when it's the fundamental requirement for our life. Commitments can help however being careful is more useful. 

Investment! How and Why?

However, investment is the work of assets determined to accomplish extra pay or development in esteem. The fundamental nature of investment is that it includes 'sitting tight' for a prize. It includes the responsibility of assets that have been saved or taken care of from current utilization with the expectation that a few advantages will gather in the future. We can make reasonable investments that could benefit us in either way in the future. Sticking to our investment plan, understanding investment costs, and allocating our assets could be a way to make our investments wisely.  Whatever and whenever we want to invest we must look into the following: High-yield savings accounts.

  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Money market funds
  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Index funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Likewise spending less and saving more is an alternate investment. To save money today means, to secure you tomorrow. Saving money could be challenging but cherishing later. Eliminating our debts, setting goals to save, and recording our expenses, budget for saving, deciding on priorities, picking the right tool, and saving automatically could be the wise decisions to save our earnings. Saving and investing wisely now unleashes treasures in the future. 

Furthermore, making money either by business or job both are ephemeral. Yet, to keep it everlasting and made it benefits us we can either save or invest at the right time. People, who do jobs, retire at a certain expected period and are just given a few amounts that could only last a few years or not even so. The perfect way to avoid money debt and money need are to keep it safe while using and investing it ultimately. Both saving and investing are long-term deals that could benefit perpetually. Retire people could repent after job or could cherish their wise decision while they are on job. 

However, the importance of something is always known in its absence. A similar thing happens when we forgo personal financing. Personal financing could seem more like rocket science to pursue yet availing it now could benefit us tomorrow. The importance of personal financing could be seen from its absence only. When we save money, we save ourselves and when we make wise investments we benefit ourselves again. Earning, for the time being, is leisure but if it’s perpetual it could bring more. It’s not wrong to say that making money makes us financially independent in no time yet personal financing makes it enduring. Warren Buffet one of the renowned investors said that “The most important investment you can make is yourself.” In terms of personal financing, the prudent investor would be our financial literacy and our knowledge in personal finance. The significance of personal financing is vivid. It is significant in means that it's thinking about an assortment of exercises identified with our funds and how to best oversee them. The exercises can assist us with being an all the more monetarily mindful individual and foster monetary discipline. Therefore, we make income out of employment but we make a profit out of saving and investment. 

To elucidate, the profusion of money could be relishing when used wisely. The tangible or intangible money we have today could be making support in need; as ‘money is a terrible master but an excellent servant’. 



Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

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