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Content writing is something new to me that I have developed over the last few months. This is my first experience as an academic writer. Before the birth of this sudden interest, I was the kind of person writing a diary and personal statements. I have a grip on descriptive writing, therefore, I can write stories very well.


Effects of Poor Parenting on Psychological Health.

A child is a student whose parents do not know they have. The one reading this is whether somebody's child or parent, hence has experienced parenting in one way or the other. Parenting is not only cooking good meals or reading storybooks to your child before bed: it is understanding the emotional needs of your child and not making them feel unwanted.

Uncovering Your Passion

How many motivational sessions have you been to where the host talked about following your heart, discovering your destiny, seizing your moment, making your dream com

Do we live a life of our own

In a world where norms rule and confine your actions, freedom feels illusionary. Because if you want the people around you to accept you, you have to take care of the

Living at our own gives more personal space and free time while it is eating away our non- materialistic culture

Has it ever happened that you asked a question, but the people around you didn't reply to you, or you made a statement and they replied with not more than a "Hmm", that is a new full stop of the times, and your conversation ended before even it started? "Culture", when you read, write, or listen to this word culture a picture of clothes, and in some cases, food starts to paint itself in our minds. This

Gender Construction

What makes up the mentality of a boy that he cannot cry in public? How does he come to the point of looking at crying as a more feminine and less masculine trait? Cry

Online classes and students of Gilgit Baltistan

In Pakistan, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in the middle of an academic year in March 2020 led to online scrambling classes. Nobody knew it was coming, and the shift

City Life and Countryside Life

Have you ever woke up to a cloud floating at your window, or has it always been the drumming of birds at your window serving as your alarm in the morning? There is th

Earn an E-Certificate for Free: Welcome to DigiSkills

Instead of trying to witness your nerdy friend wasting a mini second, you must wait for a miracle to happen. When you are planning trips to kill your boredom on vacat

The Exotic Mountain Beauty: Northern Areas of Pakistan

Life in the mountains is not possible, to sum up in an essay. It has many colors which reflect upon people. From the purple mass of mountains, which stretch as far as

Writing a Personal Statement: a story that belongs to you

How would it sound to hire a ghost writer to write your autobiography? Making other people write your autobiography adds irony to its definition. Meanwhile, people pa

Critical Analysis of ‘The Death of the Moth’ by Virginia Woolf

Death of a Moth by Virginia Woolf has been published in 1942. Through the fight for the life of a moth before its death, Virginia expresses the reality that death is

You are the Content You Consume: a bit of classical conditioning works

Obese people are so obsessed with reducing their obesity that they will not notice how they are being conditioned to all the T.V ads they consume. If their paragon of

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