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A brief Introduction to Microservices Apps

Microservice apps, or simply microservices, are developing software systems that try to build single-function modules with interfaces and operations. The trend has grown popular in recent years as Enterprises look to become more Agile and move towards DevOps and continuous testing.

Afaq Karim on Wapgee

Afaq Karim

2 years ago - 3 min read

Why Bitcoin price is falling in 2022

Bitcoin price is falling for various reasons, and in this blog, we have written all the possible reasons with research and analysis to describe them to the audience.

Waleed Furqan on Wapgee

Waleed Furqan

7 months ago - 5 min read

Blinkist – be your best self by smart reading

Are you someone who loves reading but never gets enough time to read? Or are you curious to learn? Well, this article is for you. But, first, let's explore some amazing fun facts about Blinkist App and its offers.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

5 months ago - 3 min read

Breast cancer: causes, symptoms, and treatment

A detailed overview of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of breast cancer.

Amna Nisar on Wapgee

Amna Nisar

4 months ago - 8 min read

How to return multiple items in map function in JavaScript

How to return multiple items in map function in JavaScript

Ogunjimi David on Wapgee

Ogunjimi David

3 months ago - 2 min read

What is a VPN and how does it work

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network that enables you to have privacy online. Business organizations and governments use VPNs to secure their data from hacking or loss of personal information. Nowadays, everyone uses VPNs to ensure your location is private, encrypted data, and you can serve the internet anonymously.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

a month ago - 4 min read

The top 3 VPN services that help you build stronger privacy online

VPN, an acronym for a virtual private network that provides you an extra layer of privacy, enables you to access banned websites and a secure connection for the transfer of information that can be confidential to you. Moreover, you can manage multiple user accounts, block content, and secure your data from hackers and other trackers. Out of thousands of VPN services, we bring you the top pick for 2022. Here are the top 5 VPNs that can save you from cybercrime, protect your data, ensure your business privacy and give you various other benefits.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

a month ago - 4 min read

The most popular CMS tools, 2022

A content management system is a software that allows you to manage content and create a website through a user-friendly interface rather than working directly with code. Usually, websites are written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages, but CMS software does not need coding skills. However, you must consider some factors before deciding which one to pick.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

8 days ago - 6 min read