Perhaps blogging is not an easy task. It is just one of many responsibilities. Writing is about developing attention-grabbing topics, creating eye-catching visuals, writing creative text that should hook the readers, and SEO-optimized content that ranks in famous search engines such as Google. A successful blog must be organized and active on the website and social media platforms to promote the content. 

Therefore, tools are essential to make everything go well and make your work less hectic. Here is the list of amazing tools that will help you brainstorm unique ideas, write and take notes, optimize your content, create eye-popping visuals, promote and schedule your content, stay organized, store files safely, and track your blog's performance. 

So let's begin!

Tools for brainstorming



Quora is a niche platform that is a crowdsourced answer website, and it helps you find questions and their answers by people. Moreover, you can search for keywords related to your blog's focus. 


Google Trends 

Google trends is a website by Google. It leads you to a wealth of information where you can find many unfiltered search requests made to Google. In addition, Google updates searches over the past 24 hours and updates hourly. This tool is used to search for trending topics in any industry.


Answer the public 

Answer the public is keyword research and a consumer insight tool. The audience asks many questions on famous search engines like Google, and you can find them here. 



BuzzSumo is an online platform used for keyword research. You need to enter a topic or URL into the search box and see various information that performs best. It allows you to monitor the performance of your content. Moreover, this tool is the best fit to flesh out the content that doesn't perform well and find the best ideas that help your content do well.



KWFinder is a tool by Mangools for keyword research. Unfortunately, this tool isn't free. However, you get a 10-day free trial. After that, you can purchase its premium deal for $29.90 per month.

Tools for organizing your ideas, writing and taking notes 


Google Docs 

Powerful writing software is essential that will help you store and access all your documents. Google doc is a free online tool used to create and store data. Moreover, you can share documents with others. Your data will be secure and never get lost or misplaced. You can get the following from Google Docs:

  • Voice typing
  • Automatic saving
  • Offline mode
  • Team collaboration 
  • Integration with Gmail 
  • Add-ons  


Google Calendar 

One should stay organized with the blog posts and use the best tool to help you. With Google Calendar, you can schedule your publications by adding a calendar event where you include your plan, posts per day, and publish time. You can easily make daily, weekly, or monthly plans with ease. 



Making your blog free of mistakes is an essential core value to look professional. Grammarly is an online tool empowered by AI that reviews grammar, delivery, spelling, punctuation, engagement, and clarity issues. It gives you suggestions and real-time replacements. Interestingly, with an online editor, Grammarly has a desktop app that you can easily install to your device and make your content error-free. Additionally, you can add a Grammarly browser extension that integrates with various websites and web applications. 

This tool is free to use. However, you have a monthly premium plan of $12 to get advanced writing suggestions. 



To take notes quickly and keep them organized, you need a tool like Evernote. It is an online tool that helps you write notes, attach documents, add voice memos, and scan images and snippets. Furthermore, you can save documents (webpages, articles, and PDFs). 

You can be offered a free plan where you can use up to 25MB note size and monthly upload 60 MB. Evernote is free to use. However, a personal plan for $7.99 per month and a professional one for $9.99 per month. 



Trello is ideal for task management and staying organized. You can share your planning with your team. On Trello, you can easily create a card for each blog mentioning the title and other essential things to consider. Then, you can assign tasks to the members and give them deadlines. With Trello, you can do the following items:

  • Collaborate with others 
  • Manage projects
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Easily accomplish your goals 

Trello is a free tool, but you can purchase a premium plan for advanced features such as workflow automation or keyword shortcuts. 

Tools for Search engine optimization (SEO)


Yoast SEO 

Pay heed to Search engine optimization when you want to rank high in search engines. You need to generate more traffic and clicks on your post, including the technical side. Yoast SEO is a free plugin for WordPress that helps you get high technical SEO and new readability standards. Moreover, it enables you to eliminate duplicate content by ensuring canonical URLs and OpenGraph tags for each page or article. 

You can get all the essential features in Yoast SEO's free version. But when you want to enjoy advanced features (content insights or automated publishing), you must buy its premium plan for $99 for a website.  



Ahrefs is an SEO tool that will help you in keyword research, rank tracking, link building, competitor analysis, and site audits. It comes with four monthly pricing plans, mentioned below:

  • Lite starts at $99 
  • Standard starts at $199
  • Advanced starts at $399 
  • Enterprise starts at $999


Keyword planner

A free keyword research tool, formally known as the Google keyword tool, is a part of the Google Ads suite. It helps you find the best keywords for your Google Ads campaign. You can find the following from this tool:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Mobile search volumes 
  • Competition in Google Ads
  • Organic average position and impression share  

Tools for creating visuals



Perhaps the most used image tool for image creation. It is a handy tool with built-in templates and custom image sizes with a drag-and-drop interface. Furthermore, you can use it for teamwork with real-time collaboration. Additionally, you can use it for the following:

  • Social media images 
  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Documentation

Since canva is free to use, a premium subscription is also available such as Canva pro and canva enterprise, where you have unlimited access to advanced features.



Since vectr is a graphics editing software for creating images and graphics, it is easy to use, collaborate in real-time through URL, and scale without losing clarity. 


Stock image sites 

If you don't want to go for a comprehensive tool such as canva, you can opt for these three famous stock image sites where you can open up to a stream of images with a click. 


Unsplash is a great place for high-resolution photographs for free, which is the most used stock image site. 


Pexels provides you with free photos for both commercial and non-commercial use. Moreover, you can find videos too. 


Like Unsplash and pixels, pixabay also provides you with free images. However, it requires your registration.

Tools for promoting your content



ConvertKit is an email campaigning tool helping you convert your casual followers into dedicated audiences and potential customers into recurring customers. ConvertKit provides you with the following 

  • Unlimited landing pages, forms, and email sending
  • Audience tagging and segmentation
  • Selling digital products and subscription 
  • community support and live chat 
  • Free migration from another tool 
  • Automatic email sequences
  • Visual automation builder 
  • Newsletter referral system and advanced reporting  
  • Integrations and automation 

ConvertKit comes in three monthly pricing plans. However, you can cancel at any time. 

  • Free 
  • Creator starting at $9 
  • Creator pro starts at $25



Buffer is a visual creation tool and a social media dashboard that assists you in saving time scheduling your posts. You can quickly get thumb shopping content across social media. Moreover, your content can be shared and promptly scheduled posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram with a click. In addition, the buffer has a free image creation tool called Pablo, where you can create images for different social media platforms. This tool can help you improve blogging by allowing you to Grow your target audience. 

  • Publishing analytics 
  • Tracking performance 
  • Getting insights instantly
  • Creating reports easily
  • Boosts engagement
  • Increasing sales


Click to tweet 

Click to tweet is a WordPress plugin and a Chrome browser extension that helps you manage your website's "CLICK TO TWEET" button. Moreover, it allows you to create a visual action button that lets the reader share your content to their Twitter profile when clicked. As a result, it will track traffic and give you analytics information. 

Blog analytics tools


Google Analytics

Analytics tools provide statistics on blog performance. Since this tool is the product of Google, it is free to use, which helps your website prosper. With this tool, you can see how people easily find your website, track user activity, gain data, and track conversions. Moreover, Google Analytics majorly helps you in marketing, boosts your site's performance, and aids your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Google Page Speed Insights 

Your blog needs to be fast enough for your visitors, and Google page speed insights are a primary ranking factor through which you can know page loading time. You can get PSI reports from both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, it tells you how your page can be improved. This tool is best to measure user experience on your site. 

As a blogger, you must know how to manage your content and have various software that helps you achieve your goals. Content management system (CMS) software is essential for creating and managing content. Check out our article to know the most popular CMS tools