When unsure about which software you should use in your startup to improve efficiency, Atlassian is the top pick. Perhaps the right place to turn your ideas into realities with the best Atlassian products. In this article, we will discuss a few of the top Atlassian products, helping you make the right choice in selecting tools for your projects. 

What is Atlassian?

Atlassian is an enterprise software company that develops products and solutions for agile teams that seeks better cooperation. Software developers, content managers, and project managers can effectively use Atlassian tools to ensure better productivity. It is well known for its issue-tracking application Jira, the first ever product of Atlassian.  

Atlassian Solutions:

  1. Plan and track 
  2. Support and fix
  3. Code, build, and ship
  4. Collaborate 

Let's now talk about a few of the most versatile tools by Atlassian you can use in your startup.

Top Atlassian tools



Jira is prevalent planning, tracking, and managing software, developed by Atlassian and mainly used for software development projects. Moreover, it is one of the best Atlassian comprehensive tools with customizable capabilities. It is well known for bug tracking and Agile project management (Functionality, planning, implementing, testing, and reviewing). Jira is an all-in-one solution for unique issues. Jira has 4 amazing products that can help you work effectively and quickly.

Jira software - plan, track, and support (project and issue tracking software )

Jira Align - planning software for enterprises 

Jira service management - dev and IT ops collaboration software 

Jira work management - businesses collaboration software

Let's get started with Jira for free


  • Scrum boards

Agile teams can easily break massive complex projects into manageable tasks with scrum boards. As a result, the team can stay focused on the assigned tasks. 

  • Roadmaps

Roadmaps keep the teams aligned with their primary goals and make quick decisions. 

  • Reports and insights

Essential insights by Jira software keep you up to date and ensure you are on the right track towards your goals. 

  • Drag and drop automation

Stay focused on important things, and the automation process can make your task easier.    

Why should you use Jira?

  • It offers you everything you need to manage your multiple projects and teams. 
  • It is customizable to your needs.
  • You can have multiple add-ons which can further boost the functionality
  • With this Atlassian product, you can create backlogs, sprints, tasks 
  • Update the statuses of the tasks on the board easily 
  • Manage multiple releases at one without any complexity
  • Manage workflows and get code integration  

Usage of Jira:

  • Requirement management
  • Task management 
  • Bug tracking system 
  • Streaming workflows
  • Estimations
  • Reporting
  • Project analytics 
  • Logging and communication
  • Email notification 
  • Release planning 
  • Backlog tracking 
  • Product mapping  


  • Free plan 

Free for up to 10 users, for small teams aiming to plan and track their work. 

  • Standard plan

Growing teams who want to work together to achieve more should go with this plan and must pay $75 per month.

  • Premium plan

Organizations aiming to scale their collaboration and track their work. 

  • Enterprise 

Enterprise is best for companies with global scale, security, and who need governance. Visit here to learn about the enterprise. 

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Trello, a project collaboration software with visual tracking, is the most popular among various companies. This is because it provides better management for your project and collaboration for the team members. This Atlassian product gives you a Kanban-style board where you can easily give each project a card. Then, your team members can drag and drop the card to the ongoing task list when a task is in progress. Moreover, when done, it has to be on the completed task list. So it provides you a visual representation of your team's progress together with the goal and tracks their performance under deadlines. In addition, within the cards, to-do checklists can be created, and tasks can be assigned to team members. 

Adding a due date can ensure the completion of tasks on time. In addition, you can add media (photos and videos), documents, and URLs to the card. Trello can entertain individuals, small teams, and large organizations with its popular features. Its versatility has occupied the hearts of millions. 

Let's get started with Trello. 


  • Views

With boards, tables, timelines, dashboards, calendars, and workspace views, you can have better perspectives on the tasks. You get the following:

  1. Trello board
  2. Deadlines on the timeline to progress
  3. Calendar to stay scheduled 
  4. Dashboard for actionable insights 
  5. Spreadsheet with tables 
  6. Map to give you better directions
  • Automation 

Trello has powerful no-code automation, which is inbuilt into this Atlassian product. You create rules to follow, buttons, and commands that automate specific actions in Trello. Setting rules means setting triggers and activities. Moreover, let the butler do its job. Integrate butler with the apps you love to enhance its work. Butler is brilliant as it can analyze your activity and give you clever tips based on your performance. 

  • Power-ups 

Power-ups enhance your overall performance. Some featured power-ups are ConnectoHub, Visitors Check-In, Slack, Jira, and many more. 

  • Templates 

Templets gives your team a blueprint to victory. Unique Trello templates can help you copy, customize and collaborate easily. 

  • Integration

When you integrate your Trello with another software, you make it more potent with incredible feature enhancements. There is a huge list of integration apps such as Slack Power-up, Jira Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, Focus|Project, Trello in Dropbox Paper, CodeStream for Trello, and so on. However, you can customize other apps too. 


Trello is completely free for small companies. However, larger organizations must purchase its standard and premium plan. 

  • Standard 

Purchase a standard plan for $5. Works best for small teams. 

  • Premium

Buy a premium plan for $10 for better tracking and visualization of multiple projects. 

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Confluence is one of the most versatile Atlassian products that documents collaboration software that allows you to share information or data safely and efficiently. 

Get started with Confluence. 


  • Develop essential documentation base and product requirement
  • Creation of project plans, collaborate and comment on pages easily (get real-time editing, commenting, and notification)
  • Sharing data among teams; keep your team informed and updated, and stay updated with feeds, announcements, and blogs for inclusiveness in your work.  
  • Easy customization of Confluence with other Atlassian products and many more applications. 
  • Fantastic templates include an Annual plan one-pager, Business status update, Email drip campaign, and many more latest templates from the confluence cloud. 


  • Free for 10 users 
  • The standard for $5.50 per user a month
  • The premium for 410.50 per user a month
  • Enterprise, which is an annually paid plan. Go here to learn about the enterprise.  

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Bitbucket is a Git code management software that helps teams with software coding collaboration. This Atlassian product provides tools to organize different projects efficiently, and build, test, and review code quickly. Therefore, it is famously known as Git-based hosting software. In addition, Atlassian allows you to integrate Bitbucket with its other products, Jira and Trello, to enhance features and add more. 

Get started with Bitbucket for free



You can automate your workflow to build powerful results. You can perform the following with CI/CD feature:

  • Automation of builds and tests 
  • Manage your developments
  • Easily collaborate with your teams 

Cloud Security 

  • Your data remains safe and secure in Atlassian Cloud with the following:
  • IP allowing and enforcing 2FA 
  • Security key support 
  • Data encryption


  • With pull request scanning, you can improve code security 
  • Bitbucket repository provides robust securities 

Code review 

Finding bugs become faster, and collaboration gets easy with the interface known as code-first. In addition, code review helps you control and manage your code by keeping more checks and balances.


  • Free to use for 5 users with 50 build minutes per month
  • The standard for $3, unlimited users, and 2500 build minutes per month
  • The premium for $6, unlimited users, and 3500 build minutes per month

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