Are you searching for the best management software to help you manage multiple projects and your team effectively? These two management tools can help you achieve your targets effortlessly. Therefore, getting smarter with time is not wrong. In addition, adopting innovative methodologies, new technologies, and software may boost your work. However, you must know your type of work, goals, and strategies to use any tool in its proper place.

So let's dive in and get to know the best management software in 2022. 

What is task management software? Why do we require it?

Management software is a platform that helps in task management of large projects to ensure productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. You can easily plan resources, project estimation, identify problems, and modify the methods and assets accordingly. But why do we require management software despite the fact we can do the paperwork to manage tasks? Here are the advantages of using a to-do application. 

  • Ease, scalability, and flexibility of work 
  • Creation and customization of project workflow 
  • Reduces the risk of misplacing or losing data

Best management software:



If you're looking for the best and high rated project management software, then  ClickUp is the best choice. You will get all those features you may not find in any other software.

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ClickUp provides you with the following features:

1. Multiple custom views

This management software gives you more than ten exceptional views for your projects to help you unite your teams on the same page. You get the below-mentioned views;

  • Me view 

You can only focus on your tasks by showing your assignments on your dashboard.

  • Board view 

You can modify and move your project tasks easily anywhere.

  • List view 

You can easily watch your tasks and subtasks

  • Box View 

You can keep an eye on all the tasks assigned to each team and witness the progress and workload.

2. Easy custom statuses 

This feature helps you quickly inform your team members about multiple projects' status. You are not only confined to Review, open, or closed but can customize the statuses like ongoing tasks or completed work, etc. 

3. Gantt charts

Tracking and managing projects become simple with this feature; you get a clear overview of work which means ClickUp helps you with portfolio management. Moreover, you can do the following actions:

  • Whenever you need to reschedule tasks, the app makes it less complex for you with automatic readjustment 
  • Based on work status, you can calculate the progress of projects and determine the critical path, so you easily identify task priorities. 
  • Gantt charts assist you in the workflow management of multiple projects. 

4. Custom dashboards

Project reports are now accessible with ClickUp. It helps you to visualize and organize your data automatically through the built-in dashboards. Following analysis you can make with this feature:

  • Identification of time a task takes to get done via velocity charts 
  • Analysis of the performance of your team; work progress and compare it with the remaining functions via burndown charts 
  • Tracking your teams' ongoing and complete projects via burnup charts 
  • Managing the progress and workflow of your projects via cumulative flow charts 

5. Reminder 

ClickUp can be your reminder. A reminder inbox is there to track all your reminders in a single place, giving you access to upcoming, finished, and unscheduled reminders. 

With ClickUp, project managers can set delegated reminders to the team. You can go to individual profiles and assign and reschedule tasks. Furthermore, this software sends a notification to them, and a reminder appears in the inbox. 

6. Time tracker

You no longer have to ask how much time is spent on a specific project because this management software provides a robust time tracking feature to calculate the time a team takes on various tasks and easily create invoices. Moreover, you can easily integrate it into an external time tracker. 

7. Integration with the best tools 

You can integrate top file management, social collaboration, invoicing, time tracking, sales, and marketing tools with just a click. Moreover, you have an integration list of more than 1000 tools and can easily customize your desirable software. 

Check the entire impressive list of integrations here


You can get the best solutions for your project management for the best pricing. 

ClickUp offers you a free forever service, best for your personal use. Get started here 

  • Unlimited plan

Small teams get this offer only for $9 per month and $5 yearly. Get started here 

  • Business plan

The best solution for a mid-sized team, and you get this offer is $19 per month and $12 yearly. Get started here

  • Business Plus

Multiple teams can use this exclusive offer for $29 per month and $19 yearly. Reach out to sales here

  • Enterprise plan

You can customize this plan. Reach out to the sales here  



One of the top management software used by leading companies in the world. ProofHub comes with remarkable features, scalable solutions for your project management, and digital proofing to ensure there are no errors. These are the best features ProofHub provides you.

1. Task management

Task management has become so easy with a table view, boards, Gantt, and calendars where you can easily plan and organize projects by assigning tasks to the team and viewing data. Panels help you instantly see the progress of tasks. Moreover, Gantt lets you overview the project, and you can increase your effectiveness by staying ahead of deadlines. A shared calendar becomes so handy to see reminders whenever you want to reschedule something. With the task management  feature, you get the following;

  • Tasks and subtasks

You assign tasks to your team members, prioritize them, deadlines, and calculation estimated time. In addition, tasks can be divided into subtasks to achieve goals with better deadlines.  

  • Custom fields

You can add extra information to your tasks and manage workflow according to your needs. 

  • Time tracking

Keeping an eye on the teams' progress is essential. Time tracking helps you track time spent on a project more accurately than calculating it manually. Furthermore, you can generate reports and estimates.

  • Overview

Project managers can get a clear overview of team members' performance and insight into the work which has been completed or has to be done. 

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the fundamental ingredients to accomplishing your goals. Communication and teamwork make it easy for you and your team to work effectively. ProofHub provides you with the below-mentioned feature:

  • Discussions 

You can create discussions over different topics and agendas so the team brings ideas forward and share files and documents. 

  • One-on-one and group chat

This makes your communication faster and more intelligent by connecting to your team member or your team in one go. 

  • Announcements, events, and notifications

Project-specific information can be quickly delivered; everyone gets instant updates and never misses any event. 

3. Reports

Reporting is essential to know where your progress stands, calculate the entire team's performance and analyze where to improve. With ProofHub, you can easily keep a check and balance your work. For example, this management software can create the following reports. 

  • All project reports

Everything is explained in detail about various projects, from the project manager to the task progress. 

  • Resource reports

Overview of team's performance, however, you can see an individual's progress too.

  • Project reports

The details about a specific project, the tasks been performed, remaining tasks, and deadlines. 

  • Custom reports

You can create custom reports to get up-to-date insights about projects  

  • Workload reports

Workload reports allow you to quickly check the tasks given to different team members and manage their progress efficiently and effectively.  


To get more clarity about work and personal details. 

  • Me view 

You keep track of your activities, events, assigned projects, bookmarks, and milestones. 

  • Profile view 

Getting a clear and precise view of individual profiles and monitoring their progress. 

  • All Gantt 

You can easily track the progress of multiple projects in one place. 

5. Accessibility

ProofHub gives you access to remarkable features to complete the work on time and achieve better results. 

  • Quick add  

Quick add lets you quickly add projects to the menu and start the task. Moreover, it's easy to assign new discussions, make announcements and assign tasks to the team with just one click. 

  • Keyboard shortcuts and bookmarks 

You can smoothly move from one section to another with the keyboard shortcut. Bookmarks make it easy to access projects, task lists, files, notes, and timesheets, 

  • Language

Whatever language you want to keep and understand can set off your interface.

  • Integrations

With ProofHub, you can integrate with other tools to ensure better productivity. This management software uses API for easy integration and quick and effortless data transport. 

  • Mobile Apps 

ProofHub gives you easy access to your mobile devices and lets you do what you're doing correctly. Both IOS and android devices have easy access to this management software. 


A free trial is available. In addition, ProofHub offers you a cost plan for $99 per month and another for $50 per month. Visit the site to know the features you get in these plans here

 Finding the best and most handy project management software isn't easy, and it gets more complex when you have hundreds of options. However, the above software can make your work easy and effective and increase productivity.