Work suffers more when communication cracks amongst the team. Perhaps the primary thing is how you interact in the workplace and communicate remotely. Purposeful communication practice is to be successful in your work or business. It's already challenging for remote employees to collaborate, and communication may seem a significant stumbling block for many companies if not performed correctly.

In this blog article, we will discuss slack and provide you with a list of 3 top used time trackers to ensure effectiveness and enhance management and productivity. Moreover, after reading this article, you will be able to introduce the most excellent communication strategies. 

Slack Introduction

Slack is a chat application platform for companies and organizations that supports chatting, room chats, and integration and helps increase productivity. Salesforce owns slack. Therefore, the key to productivity is slack, and here is why you should use slack: 

  • Give projects a dedicated channel  
  • Reach people faster: a real-time conversation with any teammate or team 
  • Spend less time switching context
  • Move more quickly by organizing your work life 
  • Focus your time on your terms 
  • Simplify teamwork for everyone

Moreover, several time-tracking apps to track your team on slack can help you build a solid and effective communication channel. Furthermore, these applications have the authority to view content and information about you and contains info about your workspace; it can perform actions as you in channels, conversations, and in your workspace. 

The following are the Top 3 time-tracking apps for slack:

  1. Time 
  2. Tack 
  3. Mesasix time tracker 



Task-based time tracking tracks time,manages projects, and determines efficiency. Moreover, it creates reports from the chat that helps boost productivity and increase transparency. Time gives you the best features of setting working time, starting your day, and getting updates on other people to work progress without bothering them. 


Time offers its services in three categories with its best features. 


  • 1-49 users can use this feature 
  • $8/m0 per workspace


  • 50-149 users 
  • $20/m0 per workspace


  • 150+ users 
  • $48/m0 per workspace



Tack is a simple time tracking app that takes your running Toggl timer and puts it as your Slack status. Additionally, you can quickly take action with your apps and shortcuts and do your task without leaving slack. You can find the shortcuts through shortcuts and search results. Moreover, it has four shortcuts:

  1. Stop timer 
  2. Resume timer
  3. Update timer
  4. Start timer 


This app is free to use.


Mesasix time tracker

Tracking time can never be more manageable than integrating the Mesasix Time Tracker and slack. It follows the team's time in and time out through slack command. Moreover, this tracks real-time monitoring and notifications and creates and manages timesheets.


Free (7-day trials)

Team basic

  • $2 per member

Team premium

  • Not available yet

Using separate tools for different types of communication, the problem might get more complicated for most communication tools have overlapping functions. Hence, improving project management and enhancing work productivity is by setting a good communication platform where team members can collaborate adequately. Moreover, slack can be the best application to entertain you and your business very well.

To ensure your communication is better. Therefore, the above-mentioned time-tracking applications can help you track your slack.