Webpages can be created using HTML source code that makes up a Web view made up of HTML tags. The same goes for content creation because the content comprises rich elements such as headings, tables, lists, indentation, and other rich details. 

Not everybody has experience with HTML to create content; to solve this problem, WYSIWYG editors come into play. Moreover, it is impossible for people who have no coding or programming knowledge to create content. WYSIWYG is an easy approach that is different from the classic web design method that does not demand to have any programming language skills. Besides this, WYSIWYG editors help make web content full of rich elements. Perhaps, this is why most developers, authors, and writers use it.

WYSIWYG is an acronym for 'WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET,' a content editing tool that allows developers to see the final result without writing source code. Moreover, developers can easily witness the impact of changes on a live website or app still under development. However, choosing the best WYSIWYG editors can be challenging, as they are dozens. 

So this article will assist you in finding the top best WYSIWYG editors in 2022.


Froala: lightweight and easy set-up


Froala is one of the top WYSIWYG HTML editors and is widely used because it's easy to use. It is written in JavaScript and has a clean and quickly comprehended UI design. Moreover, it gives you real-time editing, you can find framework plugins, and it helps you in the coding process with its detailed documentation facility. You can start your trial with 30 days of FREE technical support. 

Website: Froala


  • Easy to set-up
  • Customize the rich-text editor 
  • Supports seamless server integrations - easy to integrate 
  • It has a high-quality code 
  • It allows you to create shortcuts 
  • There is a blog to assist you 


Plugins used in WYSIWYG HTML improve the editor's performance and user experience. You can easily customize the plugins you need. Below are the top plugins used:

Here is the Guide to plugins for Froala


Free web version 

Basic: $199 per year 

Pro: $899 per year 

Enterprise: $1,999 per year 

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CKEditor: customized and easy to edit


CKEditor is known as the most advanced WYSIWYG HTML editor. It gives you the best experience with its clean UI and phenomenal UX. Moreover, it facilitates you with its quick and potent online collaborative editing.

This editor is easy to create and preview documents. The preview mode allows you to view the changes instantly. Interestingly, you can quickly generate Word files and PDFs from edited content.

Website: CKEditor 


  • Speedy to load and simple to set up
  • Easy file management - documentation  
  • You can get quickly past Excel, Word, etc  
  • Has the best content structure with pagination
  • It is flexible for image upload
  • Real-time collaborative editing services for documents 
  • Instantly tracks changes 
  • Auto formation and collaboration 
  • It provides collaboration support for all rich-text features


The following plugins can help you enhance your experience with CKEditor. 

Read here for more details. 


Free up to 5 users

Standard: $37 per month (25 users)

NOTE: you can get a customized editor too

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TinyMCE: full-featured and open source


The most advanced rich-text editor is easy to customize. This WYSIWYG HTML editor keeps developers hooked because of its flexible and extraordinary design. 

You can add tables, colors, media files, and other features with the help of dedicated functions. In addition to this, it also integrates with all known frameworks. The in-depth documentation of this editor helps you make the coding process simple and easy. 

Website: TinyMCE 


  • Real-time collaboration 
  • Quick and simple file management
  • Quickly check the link and accessibility 


You can customize TinyMCE with 40 default plugins. However, here are the top most used and advanced plugins:

Read Here to know how plugins work in TinyMCE. 


Free OPEN-SOURCE web version

Essential: $29 per month 

Professional: $80 per month 

Flexible customize pricing 

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Over the years, WYSIWYG HTML editors have helped developers create websites and easily modify content. However, few are popular due to their features and user experience. The above editors are from those who have won the hearts and popularity of developers, authors, and other content creators.