When selling on the Internet, it is important to have a good description of the product. This can help you attract more traffic and sales, but it also provides prospects with the information they need to make informed purchases. Product descriptions are also one of the most effective means of communicating with your target audience and increasing their confidence in what they purchase from you. Therefore, it is highly recommended to write effective descriptions for your e-commerce website. 

Read ahead to know some amazing tips to make your product description effective!


The Importance of product descriptions in your e-commerce marketing strategy

Product descriptions are an important part of your e-commerce marketing strategy. They help customers find products they're interested in, make a decision about whether to buy the product, and find the best price for it. Being the crucial element of e-commerce marketing strategy, product descriptions have an indispensable role in conveying information to potential customers about the product. An authentic, accurate, and clear product description builds trust in your brand and makes them confident to do more purchases. Additionally, it boosts SEO and increases conversions. A compelling product review makes the product more appealing and creates a difference in your brand from your competitors. 

The importance of product descriptions can't be overstated—and yet many companies still don't spend enough time on them.

What are the best ways to write product descriptions for e-commerce sites?

As a buyer, it's significant to feel confident in your purchase. Not necessarily every e-commerce site provides you with authentic and each detail about products, while the product information on Amazon generally includes all the necessary details. Follow the below tips to write effective descriptions for e-commerce sites:

  • Take time to research your target audience and find out what they want. This will help guide you in writing more effective product descriptions and help improve sales by making sure that your customers are happy with their purchases!

  • Make sure each sentence has a focal point and is specific enough so as not to confuse anyone reading it (if possible). The goal here is not just getting people interested but also having them understand exactly what your product does before even opening up an email account or visiting another website where this same information was displayed earlier today. 

What should you include in your product descriptions?

  • You should use the first person.

  • Use active voice.

  • Write in a tone of voice that is appropriate for your product and brand, not just your target audience (which we’ll talk about later).

  • Choose words that are accurate, not generic or overly flowery; avoid using buzzwords or jargon unless they really apply to what you’re writing about!

  • Keep it short! Your description should be no more than 100 words long (if possible). If there are multiple versions of a listing with different prices/specs/details, make sure each one has its own description as well so people aren't confused by all the information being presented at once on their screen when browsing around online stores like Amazon Prime Day 2018 Sale Deals.

How to use testimonials, reviews, and customer feedback to make your product descriptions more effective.

  • Use testimonials to help customers find the product they want.

  • Use reviews to help customers find the product they want and feature user-generated content

  • Use customer feedback to help customers find the product they want.

8 tips for writing compelling product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

Writing a compelling product description is a lot like writing any other type of writing. The key to success is using short sentences and paragraphs, using active voice, simple language, and a conversational tone.

Here are 8 tips for making your product descriptions more effective:

You can make it easy for customers to find the products they're interested in by using relevant keywords and adding detailed information about each product.

  • The first step is to find the keywords that are relevant to your products, customers, business, and industry. You can also consider using keywords that are relevant to your niche or even one of the top-performing search engines in particular countries.

  • Understand your targeted audience to write compelling product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

  • People look for the benefits, therefore, focus on the advantages of the product.

  • Writing should be simple. Add detail about each product so people know exactly what they're buying before they buy it!

  • Use visuals such as images and videos.

  • Providing detailed descriptions of the product (features, dimensions, and materials) can make customers do justice to their needs by making informed decisions.   

  • Add reviews by customers and ratings to your product description. So that you will get more traffic to your e-commerce site and generate sales. 

  • Use relevant and appropriate tone to the brand's voice. 


We’re sure that you have a lot of ideas about how to write effective product descriptions for e-commerce sites, so we’ve provided some general tips and tricks in this article. We also covered some ways to add testimonials and reviews to your product descriptions so readers can get more information about their products before they purchase them. If you want more suggestions on how to make your product descriptions better, check out our other articles on writing copy for websites or Amazon ads!