Cron Jobs

Wertik JS allows you to creating Cron Jobs that runs on interval. To use a Cron JOB you need to use useCronJob.

import wertik, { useCronJob } from "wertik-js/lib/";

  port: 1200,
  cronJobs: {
    runsEveryMinute: useCronJob({
      name: "Send emails to people every 1 minute",
      handler: (wertikApp) => {
        console.log("Date ", new Date().toLocaleDateString());
      expression: "*/10 * * * * *",

Above cron job will run every 1 minute and will print current date. So 1 minute after starting server you will see current date in console. Wertik JS also passes wertik app instance to handler as first argument, so you can use Wertik JS resources.

Wertik JS app listening at http://localhost:1200
Date 11/28/2021
Date 11/28/2021
Date 11/28/2021
Date 11/28/2021