For GraphQL, Wertik JS uses Apollo GraphQL under the hood. We choose Apollo GraphQL because it is well managed and bug-free. To set up Graphql Wertik JS provides a function called useGraphql to use Graphql in your app.

import wertik, { useGraphql } from "wertik-js/lib/";
  port: 1200,
  graphql: useGraphql(useGraphqlProps),

This will initialize GraphQL on URL: http://localhost:1200/graphql. If you visit this link you will Apollo GraphQL playground.


useGraphqlProps is an argument which is optional when using useGraphql method.

export interface useGraphqlProps {
  options?: {
    [key: string]: any;
  applyMiddlewareOptions?: GetMiddlewareOptionsGraphql;
  resolvers?: {
    Mutation: {};
    Query: {};
  typeDefs?: string;
  • options includes ApolloServer options.
  • applyMiddlewareOptions includes options while integrating Apollo Server with express server with same port.
  • resolvers for defined schema in useGraphqlProps.typeDefs.
  • typeDefs is your graphql schema.