To send emails. Wertik-js uses Node Mailer for sending emails. To setup emails Wertik JS provides a function called useMailer as argument you need to pass Node Mailer Configuration.

import wertik, { useMysqlDatabase, useMailer } from "wertik-js/lib/"
  port: 1200,
  database: {
    default: useMysqlDatabase({
      name: "default",
      password: "pass",
      host: "localhost",
      port: 3306,
      username: "root",
  mailer: {
    default: useMailer(),

useMailer will ask for node mailer configuration. The configuration passed through useMailer will be used here:


Sending Emails

Once you set up at least one mail. In context, wertik will pass sendEmail(mailer: string, options: SendEmailProps) method that will send email using a different email. Send Email API: sendEmail(mailer: string, options: SendEmailProps). The mailer will be default here. And the options include:

export interface SendEmailProps {
  template: string
  variables: {
    [key: string]: any
  from: string
  to: string
  subject: string

If you want dynamic generated HTML for sending. The template can be a handlebars template. And variables property will be the variables that will be passed to the handlebars template.